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#ifndef UTIL_H
#define UTIL_H

#include "Main.h"
#include "SDL_rwops.h"
#include "SDL_endian.h"

// Rectangle math functions
int contains(SDL_Rect * a, int x, int y);
// returns 0 if no intersection, otherwise 1
int intersects(SDL_Rect * a, SDL_Rect * b);
// same as above but the rectangles have to intersect at lease "value" pixels in both dimensions.
int intersectsBy(SDL_Rect * a, SDL_Rect * b, int value);


// is this portable? assumes a 4 byte int.
// note: don't use ffff, it's EMPTY_MAP
#define BLOCK_NOTE 0xf0f0

   Simple run-length compression.
   For n entries of the same value, if n > 3 then write (each entry an int):
   key n value
   (Key should not appear as a valid image_index, currently key is f0f0f0f0.)

   Compression functions are like fread/fwrite and assume that size=sizeof(int)

   return 0 on error, number of ints written on success
//int compress(Uint16 *buff, size_t nmemb, FILE *fp);
//int decompress(Uint16 *buff, size_t nmemb, FILE *fp);
int compress(Uint16 * buff, size_t nmemb, SDL_RWops * rwop);
int decompress(Uint16 * buff, size_t nmemb, SDL_RWops * rwop);
void createBack(SDL_Surface ** back_surface);

// some special effects
void processEffects();
void shimmerEffect(SDL_Rect * rect, SDL_Surface * surface);
void damageEffect(SDL_Rect * rect, SDL_Surface * surface);

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